Fishing Reports before May 2008

April 30, 2008

LA CHILA-G boat with Jesus Mendez captain:

Two people fishing out from paradisus Playa Conchal, depart time 7:30am with Mr. Tom Muhs and his wife; both want to fish a sail, so our destination is gulf of Papagayo deep sea fishing. At 2:30 pm, after four sails landed Mr. Tom is some tired and asked us about to go inshore to catch smaller fishes. They were so exited with fishing in Gulf of Papagayo.

April 18, 2008
LA CHILA-G boat with Jesus Mendez captain:
We departed from people from Villa Estrella (Ocotal Beach): Mr. Tom Davidson and a friend, they booked a 7 hours fishing trip on the LA CHILA-G boat. Destination: Catalinas island, gulf of Papagayo south side, they landed one 250lbs blue marlin and caught 9 Yellowfin Tuna.

April 14, 2008
WAHOO boat with Lino Guido captain:
Fletcher and Hayden Mitchell landed one sailfish and one marlin fishing offshore Papagayo, Catalinas islands.

March 14, 2008
LA CHILA-G boat with Jesus Mendez captain:
Mr Timothy Oconnor landed 3 sailfish, fishing offshore Papagayo, Catalinas islands.

March 13, 2008
Papagayo Fishing Charter aboard the ALBATRES boat with Jose Mendez captain:
Russell Nevitt caught 1 roosterfish and some red snaper fishing inshore in Papagayo.

March 04, 2008
TUNA-FISH boat with Nelson Mendez captain:
Offshore fishing, Catalinas islands, Gulf of Papagayo, Mr. Bruce Perttula and his friend released two sailfish.

LA CHILA-G boat with Jesus Mendez captain:
Offshore fishing, Catalinas islands, Gulf of Papagayo, Mr. Arthur Rutter III released one sailfish.

March 01, 2008
TUNA-FISH boat with Nelson Mendez captain:
Inshore fishing, Bat islands, Gulf of Papagayo, released 9 good sized Rooster fish and 7 yellowfin Tuna.

February 21, 2008
TUNA-FISH boat with Nelson Mendez captain:
Fishing offshore gulf of Papagayo released one sailfish and one 250lbs Blue Marlin.

LA CHILA-G boat with Lino Guido captain:
Fishing offshore from Tamarindo beach, south side looking for billfishing. They released one sailfish and caught two 40lbs dorados each.

February 12, 2008
CORMORAN boat with Jesus Mendez captain:
Thomas Laviano and his wife released a 250 lbs Blue Marlin fishing in gulf of Papagayo, 6 miles offshore Catalinas island.

February 01, 2008
Jesus Mendez (captain) on a half day on the CORMORAN boat released one 350lbs Blue Marlin at fishing in gulf of Papagayo (Catalina islands).

January 19th 2008
Jesus Mendez (captain) on full day on the CORMORAN boat released one 400lbs Blue Marlin and caught 5 40lbs Dorados fishing in Papagayo region.

Juan Gutierrez (captain) on full day on the LA CHILA-G boat caught 7 good sized Mahi(Dorados) at the Bat islands, gulf of Papagayo.

January 18th 2008
Michael Werss on the WAHOO boat caught one sail, 7 Dorados(Mahi) and 4 (40-60lbs)sharks, for a Paradisus Playa Conchal offshore fishing.

January 15th 2008
Tim Spurgeon on the TUNA-FISH boat landed one 400 lbs Blue Marlin.
I saw more than one marlin and sail behind our lures and bait and hooked the one we landed in a 20lbs line, it was a long fight. I belive Tamarindo fishing is changing for marlin high season (january thru march).

Captain Nelson Mendez
Tuna-Fish Boat

January 11th,12th and 14th, 2008
Charles Joseph and 2 friends finally started their fishing trips and they wanted to go fishing for offshore for the 3 days booked with us.

For first day I decide to go to Bat islands, here in Gulf of Papagayo, fishing is good year round. Since we arrived to the San Pedrillos islands (Bat islands west side) the banquet started with hundred of hungry Yellowfin tuna and after 4 hours we had caught around 20 good sized tunas. It is impossible to have fresh tuna and not to prepare some sushi, so we prepared some for Charles and his friends.

At the end of the fishing day we decide to go to the "LAS COCINERAS" islands, it is biggest of the Bat islands and part of the Murcielago National Park, We waste some time walking on the beach and watching some "iguanas". With the tunas We make some good fillets for our clients and prepared into an igloo for they take home.

Due the good fishing the first day, we decide to try again at the San Pedrillos looking for some bigger fish. The tunas was still hungry, so we catch some but I decide to go few miles away from shore. Here we caught 5 colorful dorados (Mahi).

For our third day I decide to change our fishing destination to Catalinas islands and Tamarindo fishing area, 25 - 30 miles from Coco beach. Better than the two days before there were the biggest, we released one 250 lbs Blue Malin, two very nice Sails and two (40 lbs) mahi-mahi.

I think these three fishing days were good and I hope fishing is better as the February month is coming.

Good fishing!!!
Lino Guido
Wahoo boat Captain.

November 18th, 2007
Jesus Mendez, at the LA CHILA-G boat depart for half fishing day and reach the same place Adolfo did one day before (nearby Playa Naranjo, the surfers destination). They caught 4 big Mahi-mahi and one big tuna.

Inshore fishing in the gulf of Papagayo ever has been very productive and is a very good idea when you don't want to catch a big fish, a few hours fishing trip and want to try smallest species like roosterfish, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo and others.

November 17th, 2007
This time, clients Albert and Linda Ellison wanted inshore fishing, so, Cormoran-A boat captain Adolfo Mendez, decide to fish inshore in the gulf of Papagayo. They caught 2 nice Wahoo, 35 and 40 pounds, 2 big Dorados and one 25 pounds Yellowfin tuna.

November 09, 2007
The LA CHILA-G boat had 1/2 fishing day so i decide reach a nearby fishing region in the nortwestern side of Catalinas islands, here in gulf of Papagayo. These two guys come from the Four Seasons hotel and wanted to catch anything, nothing special. Before the noon we had released two sails so close to the shore...very good fishing for half day.

Captain Jesus Mendez
Let practice catch and Release!.

November 07, 2007
When customers come to me asking about Rooster fishing, I talk them about Papagayo: Bat Islands or Catalinas. We usually get the Bat islands for full day or 6 hours fishing trips and the nearby Catalinas when half day, due the time we have to run. Well, this time, our clients wanted to fish for full day, so I told them to go to Bat islands (Punta Blanca or Playa Blanca) at the north side of Papagayo, it is a windy region but not in rainy season(may thru november months).
I knew I could catch some "bonitos" for bait at Coco beach, so, we started this fishing trip right here, at Coco beach, they were very hungry and after 30 minutes we had enough bait to fish all the day. To get the Rooster fishing grounds take us around 70 minutes and when we get there the bait was ready (we use to make a "butterfly" cut to the bonitos or any small jack to fish Roosterfish) and the lines touched water around 9 am. Punta Blanca is a windy region but not for November month and as we know starting November thru late april rooster fishing in gulf of Papagayo is excellent.
The papagayo fishing started early in the morning, it doesn't make us wait to much time before the first one was behind the tuna bait at the down righer. At the end of the day (around 3 pm) we had released 5 Rooster on average of 60 pounds and two Mahi-mahi. We take the Mahi fillets for our clients take home.

Captain Jesus Mendez
Let practice catch and Release!.

November 06, 2007
A good friend of mine and commercial fisherman told me, days before; they catch some sails (too bad) offshore from Tamarindo beach. Due this information I wanted to take our first clients for November month to deep sea fishing offshore Tamarindo beach and I did.
As usually, we had some lures at the boat and we bring ballyhoo as bait to try sailfishing and it was the right choice. The weather couldn't be better and when we get the fishing place, lines touched water. Few minutes after we started to troll We did see 4 floaters sails but no takers, but after 9 am our luck changed, we released 5 sail before 2 pm and before 3 pm (time to go home) a 350 pounds Black Marlin strike a big lure, it was a very good day, also we caught a 15 pounds Mahi-mahi.

Captain Jesus Mendez
LetS practice catch and Release!.