Papagayo Fishing

Playa del Coco, Guanacaste

Papagayo Sportfishing

Welcome to Papagayo Sport Fishing; anglers, fishermen and those who would like a fishing charter out of Papagayo (Peninsula de Papagayo, gulf of Papagayo) and Flamingo beach in Guanacaste. We go inshore and offshore fishing after very good-sized roosterfish, cubera snapper, pacific sailfish, big mahi mahi and many other species, just check our fishing reports and find our catches in previous charters.

Read about our pick up option; most of the time we do beach pick up by boat for free, sometimes for an extra fee and other few options we can arrange your transportation by car from your hotel to the pick up place by boat.

Our goal: bring you where the fish are and securing you a great time catching them. Our crew is very knowledge about inshore and offshore fishing techniques and will welcome you on board. They are very familiar with fishermen and non-fishermen; so, everybody is welcome including small kids which enjoy our inshore fishing charter as well. We cater for families, friends, business or for single fisherman, custom planned fishing charter in Papagayo. On board everything is supplied: beverage (sodas, water, beers), snacks and lunch, all fishing equipment and bait, just come on board and have a great time fishing with us.

Our Fishing Charters

Half day Fishing Charter

Our half day charters last between 4-5 hours. Is normal we leave at 7.30am and comeback around noon.

A four hours fishing charter is enough for inshore fishing only; so, we do not reach farther spots but fishing grounds at 20 or 30 minutes boat running and our main target is roosterfish, jacks, bonitos; sometimes is possible go after mahi mahi or doing some bottom fishing for red snapper.

Six Hours Fishing Charter

This is a fishing charter for 6 hours, also leave at 7.30am and comeback between 1.30 - 2pm.

You can choose to reach offshore spots, this is a one hour boat running in the way to the fishing grounds and one hour back; so, we would have 4 hours of fishing; or maybe you want to keep fishing inshore and had the chance of fishing for more time since the boat running time is not too much.

Full Day Fishing Charter

This is an 8 hours fishing charter. We would start at 7.30am and expect to be back around 3.30-4pm.

Fishing offshore and inshore sometimes is possible on full day charter; request information about it. We reach farther inshore spots around one hour or more boat running and our main target is roosterfish and cubera snapper. If fishing offshore we go after big mahi mahi, sails, marlin and seasonal yellowfin and wahoo.

Fishing Reports

September 19, 2017

This time we departed for a 6 hours inshore fishing charter out of Dreams Las Mareas in Playa El Jobo. Blake Startz and his wife were fishing on board the Needlefish boat. Weather was so nice as you can see in the pics below, fishes also cooperated and they landed 2 of 4 roosterfish they hooked.

Blake Startz wife rooster fishing out of Las Mareas
Blake Startz rooster fishing out of Las Mareas

August 14, 2017

Andrew Hoggatt and his son were fishing with us on August 14. Andrew was fishing with my brother Jesus Mendez on board our boston Whaler, the Captain Nayo boat. He sent us a feedback and a few pics i want to share here on my site.

Attached you will find some pictures from my recent fishing trip. I was booked on the Captain Nayo with Jesus and Kevin. We had a great day fishing. Launched at 7:30 from the RIU Guanacaste, hooked up with the two rooster fish before 8:30 including a 50 pounder.
After that, we went in search of sailfish. What we caught was even better! Jesus estimated the Blue Marlin at 400 pounds and over 10 feet long! We fought that fish for 2 hours. Please let me know if you can not open the photo of the marlin and I will try to send it in another format.
Thank you again for a great time. Me and my son will never forget our trip to Costa Rica.

Andrew Hoggatt son fishing on the Captain Nayo boat
Andrew Hoggatt and his son roosterfishin in Papagayo

June 28, 2017

Lino Guido took Daniel Heaton and his wife, from the Riu Guanacaste, inshore fishing on board our La Manta for a full day charter. They caught a roosterfish and an amberjack near the Bat Islands.

Daniel Heaton and his wife rooster fishing on board La Manta boat
Daniel Heaton and his wife fishing on La Manta boat

June 23, 2017

Omar Torres and his wife were fishing with us on board La Manta boat with Lino Guido captain. They were inshore fishing a little farther than the Bat Islands, it is around 80-90 minutes boat running. They had a nice time and caught 2 mahi mahi and very good sized roosterfish.

Omar Torres fishing charter out of Riu Guanacaste
fishing charter out of Riu Guanacaste for Omar Torres

September 4, 2017

Arnaldo Mendez, the captain on La Chila boat took the Brad Richard's group from the Riu Guanacaste hotel for a 6 hours fishing charter. They landed a Blue marlin and caught a mahi mahi, they also hooked a sails but it broke the line.

Brad Richard fishing charter out of Riu Guanacaste

August 24, 2017

Staying at the Riu Guanacaste, Ray Peggram was fishing for a full day charter on La Manta boat and Lino Guido captain. He released a Blue marlin.

Ray Peggram deep sea fishing charter in Papagayo

August 17 and 20, 2017

Andy Faltynek and his wife were fishing with us for two days on board La Manta boat. I arranged their transportation from the Secrets Papagayo to Coco beach so we can save some boat running time. The first day they released two nice roosterfish and a couple of jacks. The second day he released a nice Blue.

Andy Faltynek wife fishing inshore out of Coco beach