Offshore or Inshore

You can book with us a fishing charter for 4, 6 or 8 hours; this depend on what kind of fishing you want to do.

The 4 hours goes from 7.30am until noon; the 6 hours from 7.30am until 1.30-2pm and the comeback for a full day charter (8 hours) is around 3.30pm, but usually a little more.

You can fish inshore for any lasting tour; however, we recommend booking at least 6 hours and even better 8 hours; so, we have the chance to try different tides (up, middle, down) and farther spots.

In other hand, offshore spots are reached in 6 or 8 hours; however, we recommend booking full day and has the chance to stay fishing for around 6 hours since the boat running time is one hours or more.

You can request split a full day fishing charter and doing half day offshore and half day inshore; sometimes this is possible.

Offshore Fishing Charters

Sail, Guanacaste fishing charters

The right place to target for billfish (sailfish and marlin: blue, stripped and black) in Costa Rica, but also for very good sized mahi mahi and seasonal large wahoo and yellowfin tuna. The Humbold current goes from South to North and feed these water; the very close continental shelf that goes from 100 to thousand of meters is a very productive place where to target for billfish and other offshore species.

Inshore Fishing Charters

Rooster fishing charters

We use to catch rooster fish close to the shore, near to beaches such as Coco Beach, Playa Panama, Playa Potrero, Playa Tamarindo and several others in the Gulf of Papagayo. However, there are other well known areas, far from beaches, where this species is more abundant and with bigger size such as the Catalina Islands located on the south side of the gulf and near Bat Islands and Playa Blanca on the gulf of Papagayo north side. Rooster fish in the Gulf of Papagayo can be found in waters no deeper than 100 to 200 feet and as shallow as 10 to 15 feet close to the shore. Their habitat in the tropics is not too cool nor too warm waters thus making fishing conditions especially favorable when the water is a bit cloudy where they can see the bait and bite instead of very clear or dirty water. You can catch many rooster fish when conditions in the day are favorable.