Guanacaste Fishing Season

Fishing Calendar

These are the most popular sport fishing species caught in the guanacaste fishing area. No snook nor tarpon, however, we have average 40-50 pounders roostefish and very good sized sailfish.

Check the best time to catch each specie for next fishing areas in Guanacaste: gulf of Papagayo, Flamingo and Tamarindo.

Remember to practice catch and release for all billfish species and for the not migratories species such as: rooster, cubera and hamberjack.

Dorado or Mahi Mahi

this appreciated, colourful, rich and fighter fish is most abundant from late May through early October when the seasonal rains flood the rivers, carrying out debris that forms trash lines close inshore that they like to lie under. Troll past a floating log and you'll likely hook a Dorado.

Dorado - mahi mahi fishing in Papagayo

Rooster Fish

This fabulous specie is caught round the year, although there are more caught in the gulf of Papagayo area from May through early November; but this is a territorial specie and is abundant in the region, so caught depend on the water conditions no matter time of the year.

Fishing for roosterfish in the gulf of Papagayo

Cubera Snapper

There are several different species of Snapper on the Pacific Coast. The Snapper bite is good year round; however, more are catches in the rainy season time, between June until early November. Cubera Snapper in the 50 to 80 pound range are not uncommon.

Feeding habits: They are opportunistic bottom feeders that consume a variety of shrimp, crabs and small fishes

Cubera Snapper fishing in Guanacaste Papagayo


The Wahoo fishing in Guanacaste starts by late May, peaking in August and September. This fish is offen found around the rocky points and islands, here in Catalian and Bat islands, but in season, you will pick one up fishing offshore or deep sea in the gulf of Papagayo

wahoo fishing in the gulf of Papagayo

Sail Fish

This specie is present round the year, with May through late August normally the top season. Less sailfish are caught in September and the slowest months are from late October through November.

sail fishing in Papagayo


Caught every month of the year and the Blue marlin is the specie more abundant, with more caught from mid-November to early March. Less marlins are caught from early April into early June when it raise again, peaking in August and September.

marlin fishing in papagayo guanacaste

Yellowfin Tuna

Peak months are probably early August through October; you can expect catch a tuna when all else fails, anytime of the year captains pray for small tuna as they use them as live bait for billfishing, roosterfishing or bottom fishing. The yellowfin and some Bigeye tuna are often found well inside the Catalina Islands, in the gulf of Papagayo, 30 minutes or less running time from the beach.

yellowfin tuna fishing in Flamingo Papagayo